Every enterprise in order to survive and thrive in the digital economy needs to have a well-meshed emerging tech strategy. They need to seamless integrate the new with the old, and in some cases completely overhaul legacy IT. Emerging tech is the key spoke in the digital hub.

The CIO has to ensure that the emerging tech initiatives have a clear business case – in terms of operational efficiency and/or new revenue opportunities. This may include considering how connected products can be monetized and how the value of data can be leveraged.

More than having a long-term roadmap, experts say that it is more beneficial to take an agile approach, which facilitates rapid cycles of experimentation and evaluation. Experts also say that many of the organizations they work with are creating cross-functional and multi-disciplinary groups focused on rapidly developing and evaluating prototype products. The main purpose of CIOs would be on business outcomes. CIOs would be the crucial catalyst for organizations for capturing and to harness the potential of emerging tech. They should ideally have the following priorities:

  • Identify business outcomes and subsequent ROIs
  • Evaluate and expand employee skills based on new technology
  • Concern about security and data privacy related issues
  • Align organizational objectives with skill sets required

Clearly, adopting progressive tech is the next step in IT evolution. It brings people, machines, data, and organizations together in a large ecosystem. CIOs need to play a significant role in enabling emerging tech in their organization with advanced support, equipment, infrastructure and skill sets. Emerging tech is reshaping enterprise IT, requiring CIOs to be more visionary, more collaborative and more business-minded.

Key Highlights

Full day conference

focussed on practical applications of new age technology

Thought-leaders & Industry speakers

of on-hands experience of technology implementations

Annual conference of 150 + IT Leaders and Decision Makers

  • CXOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDO’s, CISO, etc
  • Business & Tech Decision makers
  • Policy Makers & Technology Influencers
  • New Age Digital Leaders, Tech Mavens
  • Academicians, Thought Leaders, Path breakers
  • Live Demo Session for hands on experience
  • Workshops by Tech and Digital Experts
  • Networking session for better connect with the customers

Focus Areas

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Internet Of Things


Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Artificial Intelligence


Cloud Based Services



08:30 AM Welcome Tea & Registrations
09:30 AM Embracing Disruption – Taming the Nexus of Forces
Inaugural Session Welcome and Intro Followed by
Format: Leadership Keynote Address

Digital disruption is changing the very fabric of the IT organizations. It has ushered in a new normal in tech. In order to embrace digital and profit from it, the enterprise need to adopt a judicious blend of emerging technologies and integrate into their IT infrastructure in multiple ways. How can enterprises adopt newer tech and ink a proactive and evolutionary emerging tech strategy? A look at what ails the current IT infrastructure environment and how progressive enterprises can evolve to the next orbit of tech maturity.

  • CDO Keynote
  • CXO Keynote
  • User Case Study on practical implications in “Embracing Disruption”
  • Industry Keynote: IT for the New Normal
10:30 AM Networking Tea Break
11:00 AM Adopting Progressive Tech – IOT, Analytics, Machine Learning and RPA -best practices and deployment strategies across verticals
Session 1:Adoption Format: CIO Keynotes and Industry Sessions

It’s a judicious blend of Analytics, IOT, RPA et al how can one create a progressive emerging tech ecosystem? For instance, IoT is being referred to as the next big wave after internet and mobile that will affect our day to day lives. The way we do business contemporarily will have been impacted hugely on the evolution of IoT in the times to come. The communication of things is changing drastically and is evolving to a common standard globally on a phenomenal scale. Experts say that a lot of technology companies, product companies, services companies, and consulting companies are investing their money in adopting new Open and Global standards for the evolution of IoT which is getting immensely popular and is one of the key ingredients in driving IOT led adoption. It is important to leverage digital-ready Business Platforms like SAP S4/Hana, Oracle Cloud Platform, Salesforce.com, Microsoft’s Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and others.

  • User Case Study on adopting Progressive Technology
  • CDO keynote on Analytics
  • CIO keynote on IoT & its implications & strategies
  • Focus Verticals: manufacturing, Retail, BFSI, Healthacre, Logistics
  • Industry Keynote on Machine Learning
12:00 PM Deep Dive: Navigating the AI maze & why the key spoke in the Tech Hub
Session 2:Deep Dive Format: Industry Sessions & CXO Keynotes

A report by PwC estimated that by 2030, AI could contribute upwards of $15 trillion to the global economy – more than the outputs of China and India today, combined. Today AI is all about upping the operational efficiency, recoverability from faults/failures, forecasting changes, efficient resource/workload planning, and provisioning, and above all, how the scale of operations is itself going to change the entire workflow

  • User Case Study on Navigating the AI Maze
  • CXO Keynote on Artificial Intelligence, the next big thing
  • CXO Keynote on practical adoptions of Technology & its challenges
  • Industry Keynote on AI
  • Industry Keynote on Machine Learning
1:00 PM Networking Lunch
2:00 PM INFRA FOR DIGITAL: New Age Datecenters & Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
Session 3 : Infra Format: Industry Sessions & CIO keynotes

What is driving the Datacenter services market is the enterprises intend to fast track their digital transformation services and to bring down the rising power and real estate costs. Moreover, CIO’s and data center managers are under the constant pressure to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX and how new age datacenters are redefining the scheme of things.

Meanwhile a fundamental shift is taking place in enterprise infrastructure as many organizations Recognize the benefits Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). These organizations have pursued a new architectural design that pairs web-scale engineering with consumer-grade design – making the infrastructure ‘invisible’ so that IT teams can devote more time to business applications. Increasingly, these same organizations are embracing IT strategies that leverage multiple cloud infrastructures and cloud-based services.

  • User Case Study on Datacentres & HCI
  • CIO keynote on future Datacentres
  • CIO keynote on Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Industry Keynote
3:00 PM Making the most out of the cloud: Best practices & use cases
Session 4: Cloud Format: Industry Sessions & CIO Keynotes

Cloud is no longer a trend, it’s a business necessity. But to reap the benefits of the Cloud, enterprises need to create a robust strategy that calls for a balance between on premise and on demand. How does one do it and which one. We look at how enterprises across verticals and sizes can leverage the 3 major cloud taxonomies- – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and successfully transition to a cloud environment.

  • Use Case study on Cloud technology
  • Industry keynote
  • Work shop sessions on the Cloud, Security & its practices
4:00 PM Next Gen Digital Leaders Awards
Valedictory Session Keynote

The Dataquest NextGen CIO Awards is all about celebrating CXOs who have taken an early lead in adopting emerging technologies and inked progressive IT policies that hasten the adoption of emerging technologies.

Followed by Vote of Thanks & Networking Tea


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